Program Overview

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What is Opportunity Scholars?

Under the umbrella of TRIO programs, Opportunity Scholars is a grant funded program through the U.S.Department of Education that provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal of Opportunity Scholars is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants.  

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What Services are Provided?

Opportunity Scholars provides the following services in accordance to the grant: academic tutoring, which may include instruction in reading, writing, study skills, mathematics, science, and other subjects; advice and assistance in postsecondary course selection; assistance with information on the full range of student financial aid programs as well as the benefits of and resources for locating public and private scholarships; and assistance in completing financial aid applications. Opportunity Scholars will provide education or counseling services designed to improve financial and economic literacy and will assist students in applying for admission to graduate and professional programs.

Opportunity Scholars also provides individualized counseling for personal, career, and academic information; activities and instruction designed to acquaint students with career options; as well as mentoring programs and exposure to cultural events and academic programs not usually available. Opportunity Scholars also provides grant aid to current participants who are receiving Federal Pell Grants.

Top circle has a 1 in it to signify first-generation college students. Middle circle has a dollar sign in it to signify income eligible students. Bottom circle has a person in it to signify students with disabilities.

Who is Eligible?

(1) First-generation college students neither parent has a bachelor's degree from the US OR

(2) Students who meet income eligibility established by the U.S. Department of Education OR

(3) Students who utilize MU's Office of Access and Accommodations


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Source content provided by: U.S. Department of Education