Frequently Asked Questions


Applying to Opportunity Scholars

Q: How do I apply?
Q: When does the application process take place?
A: The application process will take place May-July or until we reach capacity.
Q: How much does the program cost?
A: The total cost is $100. That cost will be used to reserve your spot, cover the cost of the academic credit and cover all of your expenses for the week (including meals and activities) and will not be due until you confirm participation.
Q: I've already applied, but I haven't heard back, how long will it take?
A: Once we receive your application, it will take a few weeks to process. We will contact you via your Mercer email when your application decision has been reached. If accepted, you will be prompted to confirm your attendance and supply your payment.
Q: Will I receive a one (1) hour credit for participating in Opportunity Scholars?
A: Yes. Your participation in Bear Launch automatically enrolls you in LSK 185 for the fall semester. There is not an official class time for this credit though you will be connected to the program through workshops, tutoring, advisor and mentor meetings throughout the year. At the end of the fall semester, the credit will appear on your transcript provided you completed all of the requirements. This will be discussed in-depth at Bear Launch.

Participating in Bear Launch

Where does Bear Launch take place?
A: Opportunity Scholars will take place on Mercer University's main campus in Macon, GA. Transportation to and from any off campus tours or activities will be provided.
Q: Will I move into my actual residence hall?
A: Yes, be prepared to move in all of your belongings as this is your official move in.
Q: Do I have to get a meal plan for the week?

A: No, all meals will be covered by the Opportunity Scholars Program. Dietary restrictions are considered.

Schedule Conflits

Q: Can I participate in the Minority Mentor Program as well?
A:  Yes. Bear Launch is a program designed by both OSP and MMP staff together. You will be placed in a Hybrid group with a schedule that takes advantage of the best of both programs. There are a limited number of spots available for this Hybrid participants.
Q: Can I participate in cheer, band, or other early arrival programs?
A:  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis as the schedule conflicts can be hard to balance and students often feel left out of one or both opportunities.
Q: Can I still participate in MU's orientation program, Bear Beginnings, if I attend Bear Launch?
A:  Yes.You will participate in Bear Beginnings as it is a requirement of the University. Bear Launch will conclude on Friday in time for Bear Beginnings to start on Saturday.


Q: How will I be communicated with?
A: Once we receive your application, it will take a few weeks to process. We will contact you via your Mercer email when your application decision has been reached. If accepted, you will be prompted to confirm your attendance and supply your payment.
Q:  I have some concerns regarding access and accommodations during Bear Launch, who do I contact?

A:  Please reach out to our program counselor, Ms. Danae, at (478) 301-2686 or as well as begin the process of applying for accommodations through Mercer University's Office of Access and Accommodations at
Q:  I still have questions or concerns, who should I contact?
A:  Don't hesitate to contact our program counselor, Ms. Danae, at (478) 301-2686 or

Your Questions Answered By Our Scholars

Q:  What was your favorite part of Bear Launch?
A:  "Getting to know other fellow Mercerians that are also new to the college experience." - VP, 2021 Cohort
A: "When I found out who my ambassador was. The fellowship of someone who's been going to Mercer helped me feel confident." - LC, 2021 Cohort
A: "Besides all of the fun events, the workshops that helped give us resources to use for class work or other problems." - MN, 2021 Cohort
A: "I liked how we were able to understand about how the school works and learn our way around the school a week beforehand." - CO, 2021 Cohort
A: "It allows you to meet people who are similar to your major along with amazing ambassadors who can talk to throughout your four years attending the school." - RS, 2021 Cohort

Q:  How has being in Opportunity Scholars helped you succeed?
A:  "The program offered me support and opportunities that I would not have had without joining it."
- IB, 2017 Cohort
A: "I met many of my classmates during this time, which made me excited when I saw a familiar face in my classes. Currently, I am still connected with many of the people I met during Opportunity Scholars."
- MW, 2012 Cohort
A: "I've gained knowledge on a lot of important topics that are good to know as a college student but not always taught in a class. For example, I attended a tax workshop last week which was very informative."
- SI, 2020 Cohort
A: "I just vent to [my ambassador] about everything and she listens and understand me. She has been the most supportive person I have had by my side throughout my freshman year!" - KP, 2021 Cohort

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