Meet the Staff

Tracy Artis, M.P.A. 
Executive Director, Federal TRIO Programs

Michelle CurrieMrs. Artis serves as director for Upward Bound-Bibb, Upward Bound-BHW, Educational Opportunity Center, Student Support Services and the Office of Nontraditional and Evening Services (ONES Program). In addition, she also has responsibilities for Minority Affairs, the Minority Mentors and Opportunity Scholars Pre-Orientation Programs. A member of the University community since 1995, she previously served as director of the Office of Nontraditional and Evening Services, associate director of the Educational Opportunity Center and a graduate program specialist in Mercer’s Tift College of Education.  Mrs. Artis earned her Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of Central Arkansas and Master of Public Administration from Arkansas State University.

Phone: (478) 301-2686



Joey Felker, B.B.A 
Academic Advisor, TRIO Programs; Opportunity Scholars Program & Minority Mentor Program

Picture of Joey Felker

Joey Felker embarked on a four-year academic journey at Mercer University, leaving a lasting impact within the Opportunity Scholars program. From the beginning, he arrived at Mercer University as an Opportunity Scholars student during his first year. In his sophomore year, Joey became an ambassador for the Opportunity Scholars Program. This position allowed him to share his experiences, offer guidance, and inspire his peers and incoming first-year students. Recognizing his leadership potential, Joey was appointed as the student lead for the program during his junior year, further contributing to the program's success. Entering his senior year, Joey continued as an ambassador for the Opportunity Scholars program, again playing a pivotal role in supporting and guiding new students. This commitment to service and leadership became a hallmark of his college experience. Alongside his active participation in the Opportunity Scholars program, Joey pursued and graduated from Mercer University with a double major in Management and Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship, showcasing a keen interest in business. Mercer University became the backdrop for their academic achievements and community involvement. After being hired as an Academic Advisor for the TRIO Programs at Mercer University following graduation, Joey is pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Mercer University, building on the foundation laid during his undergraduate years. Joey's journey is a testament to his dedication to education, community, and personal growth. Joey exemplifies the transformative power of seizing opportunities and demonstrating leadership in every aspect of his academic career through his active involvement in the Opportunity Scholars and TRIO programs and pursuit of higher education.


Phone: (478) 301-2446