Frequently Asked Questions

Opportunity Scholars


Q: Where does Opportunity Scholars take place?
A: Opportunity Scholars will take place on Mercer University's main campus in Macon, GA.
Q: Will I move into my actual Residential Hall?
A: Yes, we generally encourage you to move all of your belongings when you get to campus.
Q: Do I have to get a meal plan for the week?
A: No, we provide all meals. Dietary restrictions are considered.
Q: Will I receive a One (1) hour credit for participating in Opportunity Scholars?
A: Yes. You will take two courses that week, taught by Mercer University Faculty.
Q: How much will it cost?
A: The total cost is $100. That cost will be used to reserve your spot and cover all of your expenses for the week (including meals and activities) and will not be due until you confirm participation.
Q: When does the application process take place?
A: The application process will take place around April until the 3rd week in July, unless we reach capacity first. Please remember to sign the application. We do not accept faxed applications. Please mail applications directly to:  
TRIO Programs
1501  Mercer University Drive
Macon, GA 31207
Q: Can I apply in person?
A: Sure. We will have applications available at the Student Support Services table at all of the orientation sessions this summer.
Q: I've already applied, but I haven't heard back, how long will it take?
A: Once we receive your application, it will take a few weeks to process.We will contact you via mail when your application decision has been reached. If accepted, you will be prompted to confirm your attendance and supply your payment.
Q: Can I still participate in Mercer University Orientation Programs and/or Minority Mentor Retreat if I am in Opportunity Scholars?
A:  Yes. Opportunity Scholars will not conflict with either Orientation or Minority Mentors Retreat. We encourage you to get involved in all activities, if possible.
Q:  I still have questions or concerns, who should I contact?

A:  Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Currie or any of her staff at (478) 301-2686